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Thread: How to publish the web page on LAN ?

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    Default How to publish the web page on LAN ?

    I am beginner of A5 of web development. I want to publish my web pages on the LAN how can i publish ? Plz Explain the process for the same. Is it essential to have the alpha5 on the client machine. if no then how to execute ? I have tried with the profile, i have not understood the path webroot, Base url and target which path we have and from which machine [server or client]? plz help me ....
    if possible attach screen shots

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    Default Re: How to publish the web page on LAN ?

    You would need to purchase a copy of the Alpha 5 Application Server. Then you would publish your files to the machine that has this software running on it. The A5AS is basically a web server with the ability to parse the .a5w code to produce the web pages.

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    Default Re: How to publish the web page on LAN ?

    I just published the files to my "c drive", I have the application server running on the same computer. Now I want to be able to preview the pages in the browser.
    I tried to open using IE.
    I have a HTML page that I created that was a fake login that would direct you to the a5w page after hitting login button. Once you hit that button it would bring up a page of coed only and the info in the address bar is correct.
    I can see all the pages when I published in alpha 5 v9. Only time I see the file in the browser is when its published to local host.
    i messed with no setting in the application server at all


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    Default Re: How to publish the web page on LAN ?

    Try the extensive online help files.... if you have Alpha5 installed there is a link to help files in the menu.

    Also if you go to the web projects menu > profiles, there will be pop-up screens explaining how to publish web apps.

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    Default Re: How to publish the web page on LAN ?

    Mr. z400, please click UserCP and change your real name to a real name, unless that is your real name.

    Your Alpha project has to be published using the Publishing options to Local Host if you are publishing to the same computer. Your published files must be under the "document root", which is normally c:\a5webroot. You are getting code-only pages because you are directing the browser to an A5W page that is NOT inside that document root, therefor not being processed by the Alpha server.
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